Funding & Financial Aid Resources

Whether you need a few extra dollars to travel to NCA or have a research project that needs some equipment, there are easy-to-access funding sources all around you!

  • CGSA Travel Grant: (Travel) Available to all members of CGSA each semester. To receive funding, members must fill out an application during the middle of the semester. A review process choses a small number of applications for the award. Fund amount is subject to change, but maxed at $100 for three students in the Fall 2017 semester. Look for an email mid-semester for more information or comment below!

  • BLSC Research and Development Fund: (Travel, Research, Professional Development) Available to all BLSC graduate students annually. To receive the funding, you and your advisor must complete an application describing how you intend to use the money. Fund amount changes annually, but maxed at $750 for students in the 2017-18 school year.

  • PROMISE Award: (Travel, Research) Available to all graduate students in the College of Liberal Arts annually. Awards require an application, an application review, and advisor signature. If awarded, a debrief report of research and/or travel is also required. Fund amount varies depending on purpose: domestic travel and research can be awarded up to $750, while international research and travel can be awarded up to $1500. So far, awards have run out during the second semester, so apply as early as possible.

  • PGSG Grants: (Travel, Professional Development, and Childcare) Available to all graduate students at Purdue University annually. Grants require an application (separate for each kind of grant) and an application review. Some applications are chosen throughout the semester to receive the grants. Amounts vary depending on the grant, number of applications, and points earned during the review (see link for more details).

    Other sources of funding:

  • C-SPAN Research Conference Award
  • Top Paper Awards at conferences (submit those competitive papers!)
  • External Research Funding (See Graduate Student Government weekly emails or Graduate School pages for tips and suggestions).


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