2017-2018 CGSA Board of Directors

Last month, CGSA announced the newly elected Board of Directors for the 2017-2018 school year. The election results are as follows:

President: Maureen Julia Wieland
Vice President of Administration: Brianna Macinka
Vice President of Fundraising and Research: Katie Miller
Vice President of Professional Development: Chelsea Moss
Vice President of Social Relations: Megan Kendall
Vice President of New Student Relations: Ashleigh Shields
Vice President of Graduate Relations: Kirstin Dolick
Vice President of Technology: Cody Blake Wilson
Purdue Graduate Student Government Representative: Devin Knighton
Vice President of International Student Relations and Cultural Inclusion: Robert G. Nyaga

To learn more about each member, check out the Meet the Board page under the About Us section of the website.

Congratulations to all newly elected board members! Good luck serving the members of CGSA and all BLSC graduate students and family.

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